10 Things to Pack for a Scrapbooking Crop

Hey guys! Today I want to share my list of 10 things to pack for a scrapbooking crop! Top 10 list of things to pack for a scrapbooking crop bt jenandtricks - http://forglueandglory.com
Spring is here and it is crop season. HA! See what I did there? I crack myself up… Me and my scrappy lady friends are off to a huge scrapbook crop in a couple of weeks. Well, actually it has evolved to a scrap, bead and yarn event, and for three glorious days over a thousand crafters will meet up and scrapbook, art journal, make handmade cards, catch up on their project life, do bead work, knit, crochet, chat, gossip, and shop.
We went last year and it was amazing. Just being there in the middle of the buzz of so many crafters that love to do the same thing as you do is so much fun! It is a stark contrast to jamming it up on my own in my tiny craft space, for sure. Also, loads of great little stores from all over the country will be there, and it will be completely impossible not to do a little shopping.
Last year I did quite a LOT of shopping, ehem, and realised I packed way to much materials because all I wanted to do was scrapbook with my new purchases.
I made a quite detailed packing list last year (free download at the end of this post), but here are my top ten list for things to pack for a scrapbooking crop:

1 – A warm-up exercise

Getting started can sometimes be the hardest part! If you find yourself discombobulated or running out of steam, make sure you bring something that is super easy to make, a little start-off point to get you going.

2 – Something you want to finish

Bring something you really want to finish. That way, if you are running out of ideas or motivation, at least you have one project you can get on with.

3 – A plan!

Your head is full of ideas and projects and creativity, I know. But make a list of things you want to accomplish, and what you want to craft; a list of layouts or cards, a list of stories or projects, make some quick notes and bring them. Once you sit down and have all those fun distractions around you, you might forget what you came there for!

4 – Photos

This might seem too obvious, if you are a scrapbooker. Of course you will bring photos! Just… don’t forget them. That will make things very sad. Oh, and remember to order photos in good time before the crop!

5 – Small craft tote, or container, for your crafting space

Let’s face it, the desktop area you’ll have to craft on will probably be very limited. There might be space under the table for bags and boxes, but reaching down there every time you need a tool or embellishment is a pain. A small craft tote or something like a basket where you can store those things will help you keep your designated desktop area clutter free, as well as keeping things you need close at hand.

6 – Basic tool kit

Yes, BASIC tool kit. If you haven’t used your eyelet setter in a year (or five), don’t bring your eyelet setter! Bring your good scissors, your paper trimmer, good adhesive, favourite journaling pens, baby wipes, black ink, but maybe leave your specialty items at home. Bring things you use.

7 – One big basic scrapbooking kit

Make a simple but complete kit. Decide how many projects it should last for. Maybe five? Maybe ten? Put in white cardstock if you tend to use that a lot. Pick things in colours you would usually gravitate towards, which will probably make it easier to incorporate any new goodies you buy when you are at the event.

8 – The little magic box of your fave selection

Yes, you will probably buy all new shiny things when you are there, but bring some goodies you love, the ones you tend to use most often. If there is a washi tape you almost always use, or an ink you splatter on everything, or cute wood veneer stars that almost seem to glue themselves to your project, put them in a little box, pat it gently and bring it along. You are allowed.

9 – Container for your finished projects

You need to safely transport your projects home. It would be a shame if they got all wrinkled up after all that work you put into them!

10 – A shawl or scarf to keep your shoulders warm

A crafter needs to keep their shoulders warm! Depending on what type of crop you are going to, the venue can be cold or drafty, and no matter what, when you loose a bit of energy and start feeling tired and shivery, a snugly scarf on our shoulders will do wonders. Trust me.

Top 10 list of things to pack for a scrapbooking crop bt jenandtricks - http://forglueandglory.com
I hope you find this list helpful, and if you need a more detailed list, feel free to download this PDF:
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stars jenandtricks
I can also warmly recommend the following YouTube videos:
This video from Inkie Quill is over 45 minutes long, fun, chatty and very in depth! Lot’s of good thoughts and ideas that will help you out for sure!

 Kitty Scrapper shares how she puts kits together for going to crops, awesome stuff:

I hope you found this post helpful.  Happy cropping!

/Jennie, a.k.a. jenandtricks

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