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Happy new year, everyone! 2012 is here, and with it a whole new fresh year full of blank pages and ideas and possibilities. Awesome!

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions. But I knew I wanted a project to focus on this year. So when I found Noah Scalin’s 365: A Daily Creativity Journal (also available as Kindle edition) I just thought it was the perfect thing for me this year. 365 prompts for doing something creative every day. And a small space to make a note of what you did.

Noah Scalin started his project Skull -A-Day back in 2007 (hello, SKULLS! I see it as a sign I’m destined to do this…) and somehow, some way, by himself or with the help from his friends, made a skull every day for a year. He used every technique he new and then learned new ones.

I don’t think I have a theme quite as clear, but on the other hand I’m really going for “no rules and if there are any I’ll change them and I’ll make it up as I go along and will try to be a bit laid back”. I know if I start by drawing up a lot of rules and stuff I will just cripple myself. I will try to follow the diary and make notes in it but as Noah says in the introduction, it’s fine to change the thing of the day to something else. But I do want to create something every day, and there are a few things that somehow feels connected or relevant in the overall framework of this project:

  • I want create something every day, but exactly what does not have to be something big or huge or everlasting
  • I will mainly try to use materials I already have in my stash or recycled materials
  • I work in a lot of different mediums and therefore all techniques and mediums are fare game
  • It can be something handmade
  • It can be something written
  • It can be something musical
  • It can be a photograph
  • It can be a self-portrait
  • It can be a beautiful home made meal or a pretty desert
  • It can be a frikkin’ doodle in a notebook
  • It can be the act of simply documenting my life
  • It can be private, it can be public
  • It can be any act of creativity even if it’s dressing up as a living statue and pretend to be the ad hatter and have a tea party at the train station
  • I will take a photo every day, even if it’s just a picture of my boring breakfast
  • I will use this project as an excuse to tie in any other project I want to do! Like One Little Word, or In The Picture, or NaNoWriMo, or Week In The Life… you get the drift.

So, you see, it will simply be a whole messy mess. The point is not to go on a crazy artsy rampage (well, maybe a little) but to learn something new, to try and actively think about ideas, their origin and what I do with them. About being aware. About becoming a better photographer. It’s about trying to finish a few things I’ve been thinking about for a long time,  and by the end of this year I hope to have a rather extensive documentation about my life in 2012, and a record of me moving forward and… I don’t know, grow as a person? Letting myself nerd out and be happy?

I won’t make any promises to myself to always have time to blog about it, though. I will try, but it is not likely that the Internet will break if I don’t. A simple recap will do just fine.

So: TODAY. Day 1. January 1st. I took a photo of myself. I made porridge and took a photo of that. I spent a whole lot of time cleaning up my crafting space, sorely needed. But that’s my go-to thing when I try to procrastinate, so…

Today’s prompt was to start small and get over that first threshold. To make something small that would fit in the palm of my hand, and to use materials close by. No problem there…

I saw this tutorial for a squash book on YouTube a few days ago, and have been itching to use my distress inks, so I decided give it a try. I don’t have a lot of photos of this, it got a bit late and I couldn’t get any good light (maybe I’ll try again tomorrow), but this is what I made:

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  2. Thanks, Tracy! Yeah, it’s working out really well for me so far. Like you, I takes photos daily, and I create. Taking this approach and making it into a daily project for a year has made me think about creativity more, to always have it on my mind and feel excited every day for a new idea or plan. It feels great!

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