A Scrappy New Year!


Dear fellow crafters, scrapbookers, and creative popsicles: It’s a new year! Happy New to all of you!

During December I kept myself rather busy crafting, decorating, making gifts and cooking for the holidays. Christmas was celebrated at our home this year and since it was my “first” I had quite a few items on my list to cross off. So much fun! Exhausting but wonderful, in so many ways. I made a lot of handmade gifts; for my mother and father, for Mr Boo, for my friends. I made a Christmas calender for Mr Boo and my friend Micu, so much fun!

Christmas Gift Calender for Jed

Funny thing is, in the midst of this whirlpool of Christmas cheer I completely forgot to mail my Christmas cards. DOH. Maybe I’ll make some new year thank you cards instead. But needless to say; right now I feel like I never want to see a scrap of Christmas paper again! (Although that feeling never lasts for long). So I stored all my papers and embellishments with that particular theme away for next time. I find by keeping Christmas-themed products completely separate it makes it much easier to flip through my stash when I am creating something. Anyway, I am pleased to say that I made quite a big dent in my stash this Christmas! So maybe next Christmas I’ll find myself desperately having to shop for new things! Oh dear!

Christmas Decorations 2013 - Banner



And now it’s a new year and there are so many exciting things going on!

For instance, this winter’s CHA is almost upon us (The Craft & Hobby Association trade show), and with it the proverbial avalanche of tasty sneak peeks and previews of all the new and fantastic spring- and summer collections from a huge chunk of beloved scrapbook brands and manufacturers. I personally love all these sneak peeks, I get so inspired by all the new and fun products and collections, and nowdays there’s a lot of good coverage online, it’s fun to keep up with the news and trends. So keep an eye on your fave brand’s blogs and crafty youtube channels. Even a crafter from Sweden can keep up! Love it!

One tip, if you want to see the huzzle and buzzle and excitement of the trade show, is to follow along with Izzie and Noell Hyman from Paperclipping Roundtable. They did a heck of a job covering the trade show a year ago, and I’m quite sure they are going for this one, at least that’s the rumours I’ve heard *s* You can always check out their coverage from last year at their youtube channel Paperclipping4u.

Another great, nay, super awesome thing is Two Peas in a Bucket’s announcement of all of their weekly video series in 2013! Monday to Saturday – that’s six days a week – a new scrapbooking video tutorial will be posted. As a crafting Youtube junkie I could not help but jump with joy. Check out the videos on Two Peas’ Website or their Youtube channel!


I now I will easily stay inspired the entire year thanks to this! And: I am so excited to see that my very favourite,  The Adventures of Glitter Girl, is continuing this year! Glitter Girl will continue to save the world one crafty dilemma at a time each Wednesday. You can find it on the Two Peas’ website, on their Youtube channel or over at the lovely Shimelle Laine’s blog, who might, or might not, have something to do with our mysterious scrapping superhero.

All the workshops/videoseries makes me very excited, but of the new ones, the one that made me do a little woop (frightening the cat) was Scrap your Stash! As I have just embarked on the challenging journey to Use My Stash myself, the timing is just excellent:

Scrap Your Stash equips you with ideas for making a dent in the papers and stickers and goodies you’ve collected.  Taught by Nancy Damiano, Jill Sprott, Paige Evans, and Amy Heller.

Just what I needed! I hope to have a good amount of report on my project this year! No shopping spree until fall 2013. Scrappy gawd almighty… give me strength! You can find out more about my own adventures here:

Use Your Stash


That’s it for now. I have a lot of crafty projects planned, so I’d better get away from the keyboard and get a move on! Happy 2013!

Stay safe, everyone!


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  1. One of my new year’s resolutions is to use my stash more and more and not buy new stuff unless I ran out of something. Other idea is to recycle more: packaging, flyers etc…It is really a lot of fun:)

  2. I love it! That is so great, Micu! It’s like I usually save tops from packaging (like screw tops or youghurt lids) to mix paint in, so that they at least will get another uses befor being tossed out. I reuse old magazines as cover when I spray paint and make messy art (just keep flipping the pages and you have a new clean surface to work on). And there are so many items in our life that just pass us by that can be re-purposed for art.

    Speaking of, this is amazing: http://neil-gaiman.tumblr.com/post/40048779084/igloo-made-of-milk-cartons


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