A Tricky Challenge – Dotty Madness Scrapbook Layout

The Swedish webzine “Allt om Scrap” publishes an inspiration issue every Sunday, and last Sunday they posted some layouts from a challenge they did. I didn’t have time to do it last weekend, but I thought it sounded like a lot of fun, so I took some time yesterday to do it, since it really did feel like a challenge. Listen to this:

  • May only contain patterned papers. Must use acrylic paints and 4 different stamps. Have to have one type of overlay and at least 3 tags. And finally, it must have sewing machine stitches.
  • Can not include flowers, ribbons or lace. No corrugated cardboard allowed, and may not contain anything white!

Well… Only patterned papers and nothing white? Hello? I haven’t really done a traditional, full-size scrapbook layout before, so why not start with something difficult? Go big, that sort of thing. I got the perfect idea and I wanted Tricks in it, so this is what happened:

Yes, we like our dots ;) I really had bite my tongue plenty of times, not to reach for plain one-coloured papers, keeping the white details out, not using any string. In the end I’m pleased with the result, I wouldn’t have thought of this idea if it hadn’t been for the specifications in this challenge. Thank you, Tricks, for doing the photo shoot with me! You look really beautiful in that dotty dress!

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