About jenandtricks

Welcome to my blog, For glue and glory! Why don’t you grab a cup of coffee? Or tea, if that is preferred. Or maybe even a cheeky glass of red wine? But definitely have something refreshing; I approve.

jenandtricks_avatarWho am I? By day, the ordinary girl with an ordinary techy job working 9 to 5. At night, a scrapbooking, crafting lunatic, using my superpowers to mess up my home in every way possible, with the help of pretty paper, paint and my trusty Fiskars. 

I am a 38-something from Stockholm, Sweden, and share my home and heart with my slightly oddball cat Sixxten. I am certainly somewhat of a cat lady, and he has a tendency to pop up on my layouts rather often. 

I do a lot of artsy-craftsy-schmartsy stuff. Mainly, on this blog, I tend to post about my scrapbooking. But I am deeply passionate about arts & crafts of all kinds, and I make all sorts of little paper-craft projects, art journal, paint (more enthusiastically than remotely well),  write little stories, take tons of photographs, make silver jewelry and trinkets, crochet and knit.

I can also sing and dance.

I think documenting ones everyday life is quite important and meaningful, and am therefore pretty pleased that everyone nowadays participates in memory keeeping without hardly even knowing it, be it updates on Facebook, twitter or Instagram, or just by randomly snapping some photos with their smartphones.

I am sometimes very active on different social media platforms. And then there are times when I completely log out from it all for weeks or months on end (see, I’m that generation that remembers what it’s like “not to be online”).

If you wish to find me in other places, here are a few: