And the Collective Scrapiverse Screamed Out Loud

So this happened the other day:

I was having a lazy weekend breakfast with my beloved Mr Boo and he looks up at me, with his pretty blusih greenish eyes, and says sincerely:

“You know what, hun, your crafting corner is completely cramped, you hardly have any room in there anymore, why don’t you just move into the office, and I can put my computer in that small nook instead.”

And my heart skipped a beat.

And in my mind, completely and instantly, I had the entire layout of the office organized.

Workspace. And storage. STORAGE!

So much more space.  More space to fill with more stuff. And I don’t really need more stuff. And I don’t really need more space either.

I took a deep breath, and mentally slapped myself in the face to wake me up from my paper-perverted fantasies and daydreams of world domination, and said… no.

And the collective scrapiverse screamed out loud.


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  1. I like the new theme of your blog<3 there is never enough space by the way:) I have just realized our whole apartment is basically my craft corner:) *poor Balázs*
    I truly think this was one of the most romantic proposal a craftina can ever get:))

  2. @Micu: Thank you! I wanted something a bit more picture driven and light, I sort of like it.

    Hehe, I know what you mean, I cannot deny that I sort o have stuff everywhere… I try to keep to my Skrubb but sometimes it sort of spills over. *Poor Jed*

    It is indeed a very romantic and considerate and lovely proposal! It really made my heart beat faster :D

  3. I think you don’t have as many stuff all around as I do… you will understand what I mean by “our apartment is a huge crafty corner” when you come visit us:) oops…

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