Art Journaling as Part of the 365 Project

Just a short Sunday post for a quick update. Time and energy has been sparse this week, so what little I’ve had I’ve spent on small creative sprouts, such as journaling and photography. I’m still keeping up with my incentive to take a photo every day, but I also went out on a little photo walk this weekend. It was one of the first really crispy winter days we’ve had so far, and everything was covered in frost. So beautiful. Can’t help but grab my camera then, you know?

Another new thing I’m trying out this year as a part of my Create 365 project is art journaling. I used to keep a good old fashioned diary all through my childhood and teenage years, but haven’t kept one for many years now. I guess I’ve found a lot of other ways to document my life and deal with stuff. Lately though, I’ve been more and more interested in starting and art journal; a place to be creative but also a place to be more personal and private. Just for myself.

This is how one of the first pages turned out:

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  1. We seem to be one of the same. I used to keep a journal for many year…in my younger years.
    I also just finished an art journal…and I am not an art journal type of person.
    I am also doing (did it last year) a photo a day with journaling :)
    I love your pages :)
    I am going to read up on your Create 365

  2. Hi Tracy! This is what I love about the bloggin’ community, when I find people I have stuff incommon with :) Awesome!

    Hehe, I don’t know if I see myself as an art journal person either (yet!), but definetly as a journaling person. And I must say that, wow, so much fun and release to just write and create in one go and follow that instinct, with no toher goal that to for it for your own sake. Feels great to get back to journaling also, but doing it with paint and stamps and ink :)

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