Being spoiled by friends

There are seriously few gifts that mean so much as something someone made themselves. Time is precious for everyone, to use your time to think, plan, and make something with someone else in mind is, for me, a very big compliment. I’ve been meaning to post a picture of this for the longest time now, this beautiful knitted comfort shawl that Hanna made me. I love the colours, the pattern, the shape, I can’t believe she put so much effort into it! I wear it whenever I feel a bit chilly (which I do every so often in my old crappy apartment) and it’s The Perfect Gaming Shawl.

Thank you Hanna, I don’t know if I said it enough!

Photo very sneakily taken by Jed

Here is more pictures of another one hanna nkitted, go see! And another one :) I wish I could knit… (She has tried to teach me, maybe it’s time for another try).

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