Boop! – Another Glitter Girl Adventure Challenge

This weeks challenge by daring craft vixen Glitter Girl (over at Shimelle’s) was a sketch challenge, and to turn a simple sketch into something your own style. I have to be honest, I don’t know what my style is. I have no trouble starting a layout with few or no ideas, and in the end it turns into… something. Quirky? Can quirky be a style? If I have a plan and a strict sense of the style I want to achieve, I usually get there in the end, but if I let myself go nuts like a kid in a candy- and craft store (yeah… think about it! What a great store that would be) (besides the fact that you would have to have padded walls) this seems to be how it usually looks in the end:

I chose to start with the sketch from Kelly Purky, go look at it here.

OK, so, the area that I think is the main area for a photo looked a little bit like an archival folder to me, and it got me thinking a bit about all the projects I’ve finished this year. I gave myself one little word to keep in mind this year: CREATE. I have embarked on so many projects, some has gone well, some has not, but in the end I have been so much more creative this year than the last five combined. And this during a time when I really needed something to take my mind off more dire things. So I made a sort of metaphorical folder for all the stuff I’ve made so far this year, with a few thoughts about it, like how something so small as one word can make you change your mindset.

I made it into pocket, and once I give myself a minute I’ll write down some further thoughts and slip it in there. There you go, ,y first ever hidden journalling, who’da’thunk?

So that’s what I have been up to today! If you need to give your scrapbook mojo a small boost and you haven’t seen any of the Glitter Girl vids, don’t forget to go have a look here or here. It’s like a bubbly vitamin injection for your inspiration. Sort of like a strawberry/pineapple daquiri. Go look!

Have a scrappy, happy Saturday, everyone!

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  1. Karen R

    The middle picture could be a twin to my niece except her hair is way her shoulders and her eyes are greenish brown instead of all brown. I had a to do a double look on that picture.

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