Can’t Let Go of a Lovely Time

I think I’m getting addicted to Shimelle Laine’s Starting Points! See, I have this stack of printed photos that I just adore, and I have had a hard time getting started on them. Shimelle’s Starting Points seems to be exactly what the doctor ordered. I can look at her Starting Point, have a photo in mind but quickly make a base for a layout and then tweak it. Suddenly I see some favourite moments down on a page, and that makes me very happy. So, off I went to take a stab at this weeks layout.

Although spring is here, and I am looking forward to some happy sunshiny days like crazy, the photo that really got me singing this week was one from mine and Jed’s first Christmas, a photo of my adorable in-laws from when they came to visit. Me and jed live in Sweden, but his family is form the UK, so sadly we don’t get to see them very often. We try to go over there twice a year, but that first Christmas his parents came to see us! After some debate we decided to cook them an English Christmas dinner, rather than a Swedish (i.e. more roast than pickled herring).

Cooking the dinner actually went allright! And it was a lot of fun. Certainly my first time cooking an English Christmas dinner, but hopefullly not the last. But what I remember the most from that evening was that we all seemed to be in a really silly, happy mood, toasting and laughing. Scottish poetry was recited and there was even some dancing going on in my living room! Completely priceless, if you ask me.

So even if it might seem a bit oddball to do a Christmas layout in the beginning of April, I for one am very happy I got this photo into my album. And I’ve hardly ever used my Christmas themed papers for anything else than cards before, so at least I made a small dent in my stash. Yay!




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