Colour my world, because inks makes me happy! – Handmade card

This Wednesday I am sharing a handmade card, inspired by the sketch challenge over at Swe Scrapbook! The sketch has a lovely mix of circular and rectangular shapes, which always seems to be pleasing for the eyes when it comes to cardmaking and scrapbooking!

This card took me the better part of an evening to make, because I wanted the inks to dry naturally and just be allowed to react to the water and “do it’s thang”. But I considering I got a lot of other crafty things done while I was waiting, it was a fairly quick and simple card to make.

Colour My World - Handmade card by jenandtricks
Colour My World – Handmade card by jenandtricks

I really wanted to encourage the inks to spread in a specific direction, so first I used a masking fluid pen to draw a circle in the middle of the card (to prevent the inks to sneak off into the center), and then I either misted the paper with water on the desired area, or applied water with a brush, before I added any of the sprays.

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen this little snapshot of all the sprays I used!

jenandtricks - Distress Stain Sprays and Dylusions

A fabulous mix of Dylusions Ink Sprays and Distress Spray Stains. I love these! AND: I didn’t spill one of them! I was dully expecting a tipping-over-one-of-the-bottles thing to happen.

Hope you enjoyed this little card of mine. Now go use all your inks! Yes! Do it!

/Jennie, a.k.a. jenandtricks

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