Crafting corner – The Beginning

I always wanted a little corner for my crafting. You know, a place where it wouldn’t matter if you left some stuff laying around over night, in the middle of a project. But ever since I started crafting on a more serious level a couple of years ago, I’ve had a shelf somewhere in the living room, and I’ve crafted on the living room table, or in the kitchen, or in Tricks kitchen, moving my tools and materials around with me, trying not to leave a paper trail (haha…). Everything I have is stacked and fitted into several bags and boxes that are more or less portable. With emphasis on “less”. Seriously though, it’s been a bit of a kerfuffle.

But I move house two weeks ago. An we have a nice spacious bedroom, an open living room, a nice little office, and also… a small storage area, or cubby-hole, or neigh, a crafting room! It may well be filled with trash bags and unpacked boxes, it may well have been the parking space for the stroller for the family who lived here before us, but, by George, I see the potential or a future crafting room and scrapbook corner! Now I just have to convince my beau. And the cat, who is thoroughly enjoying rummaging around in the piles of boxes.


To be continued…

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