Dare to Challenge Yourself – Scrapbook Layout

Dare - 12x12 Scrapbook Layout by jenandtricks

Sometimes you have to dare yourself to do things, or they will not happen at all. In this instance, I dared myself to going back to the gym. I haven’t been in a proper one, like the shiny professional one with lots of other people in it, in years. I like exercising at home, I like taking walks, I like riding my bike. But lifting weights and going to classes is a whole other level for me. I used to be good at it, oh, say ten years ago? I aim to be good at it again.

Hence this rather daring layout, with colours that reflect my enthusiasm right now. Ask me again in a couple of weeks if I still have the same feelings, haha…

Dare - 12x12 Scrapbook Layout by jenandtricks arrow_lineThis layout was inspired by a the sketch for week #8 over at Veckans Skiss, a Swedish weekly sketch blog. They aim to inspire and are well worth a look!


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