Day 10: Create Something With Water – A Mixed Media Endeavour

Day 10 in my endeavour to create something every day for 365 days. Today’s prompt was to make something with water or be inspired by it. I didn’t have the best of days today and felt a bit moody, so the water park fun land I was going to build (who doesn’t want a water slide in the living room?) will have to wait for another time. Instead I Tried out some mixed media techniques, which cheered me up (if you can’t have a waterside in your living room, at least you can splash around with it when creating some sort of art).


I’ve said it before: I really can’t draw. But maybe I can learn?

Thanks for stopping by! Stay safe! And dry.

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  1. Hello, awesome pink-haired Vidde! Oh, yesh, I did :) But that feels more like unplanned doodling… I sort of wished I could draw something proper… :) Thank you so much for stopping by!

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