Don’t Say a Meow – Scrapbook Layout

No, I didn’t have time to post anything yesterday, but I still did something creative, so, yay me, that was 14 days of that project! I prepared some journalling for a layout I wanted to do today, and also I took some photos of two dear friends, Hanna and Janne, photos that no doubt will end up in my 2012 book. Me, Jed, Hanna and Janne geeked out yesterday and spent the better part of the day and evening playing a board game I love, “Arkham Horror“. Awesome! We beat the big beastie in the end, but it got darned close! I had such a great time. There’s something about playing a good ol’ board game, everyone sitting around a table cursing and laughing.

So, today is day 15 of the project to do something creative everyday for 365 days. This weekend I took a small pause from the prompts and just went freestyle *wink*. Today I sat down and created a layout with a photo I’ve been wanting to use for years. I actually have a sketch in an old notebook using this photo, and I am sort of glad I never had a chance to make it back then, it would have been horrible! (Seriously, think total scrapbook newbie like 5 years ago). I like how it turned out today.

I’ve noticed that often when I sit down to start on a layout I dig through my stash and pick out a pile of embellishments I like. But then in the end I often don’t stick them on. But it takes some time to NOT stick them on, because sometimes I feel like I should, if you know what I mean? I’ve come to a point now thought where it feels ok to just stop and say “You know what, this is enough for me. Glue stick down.” Because I’ve come to a point where it’s more important what the layout is about.

This is a photo of our cat Sixxten, from when he was about 1 years old. He has this habit of finding new places to sleep all the time, and he never moves or makes a sound when you can’t find him and go around the apartment looking for him, no matter how much you call. He is like a nap ninja!

Many years ago my grandmother knitted me this wonderful, super-warm jumper in a grey, Swedish wool (much needed during our winters). I had left it on the bed one day, and for some reason I noticed that the cat had been uncannily quiet for several hours (he’s normally very talkative). So I started looking for him, but couldn’t find him anywhere. I looked in cupboards and bags and closets, under the bed, under the couch, well, everywhere. I called and coaxed, but no sound or movement.

It was just by chance that I went into the bedroom one last time before completely panicking, and there he was, all bundled up in my wool jumper.The jumper was almost exactly the same grey colour as the cat. He’d been sleeping in it for hours, al snuggled up, and he was radiating an enormous amount of heat. He hardly woke up as I went to stroke him, he was in such a warm snooze-coma.

So, that’s what I created today. Overall a nice, lazy Sunday, but tomorrow is the start of another week! Stay safe, have a good one!

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