Driving Over the Firth of Forth – Shimelle’s Weekend Crop Challenge No 2

The next challenge from Shimelle I tackled last weekend was Challenge No 2: Mixing Papers: Create a page using three or more paper collections. “No worries there!” I thought to myself, since I usually mix and match without giving it much thought if I’m mixing different brands or not. But, of corse, when you suddenly have to think about it and do it by choice, it gets a bit harder.

On this layout I used papers from:

Other thingies:

So what’s this layout about? These photos are from when me and Jed first set out on our road trip in Scotland. We’d just gotten the rental car and I was freaking out a bit because there was some big roundabouts and we were driving on the wrong side of the road! (For me. For Jed, of course, this was normal, since he grew up in the UK). We drove from Edinburgh and crossed the Forth Bridge, which is massive, and beautiful. I sort of forgot to be nervous about the driving at that point.

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