Exploring Old Airfields is a Perfectly Respectable Hobby!

We Search, We Find - Scrapbook Layout by jenandtricks

I am so thoroughly excited about taking Shimelle Laine’s latest online scrapbooking class: “Return to the Collection”!

I feel the need to list a bunch of spontaneous reasons, let the ramble commence:

I LOVE COLLECTION PACKS! Collection packs are so handy and, from a stashy hoarder viewpoint, manageable. You get the basic best parts of a collection, which is mainly the paper collection, and often a sticker sheet and some alpha stickers.

This means you won’t add a TON of new things to your pile of pretty papers, but sort of get to pick the raisins out of the cake (to clarify, I love raisins in baked goods). In other words, you have a fair chance to use a lot of it and not just keep it in it’s original packaging and stroke it and call it your precious.

Collection packs also feels so much more affordable; you get something coherent and exciting for your pennies, you can jump on the new-and-shiny-I-wants-it-choo-choo-train, but you don’t feel like that new amazing paper line is completely bankrupting you and forcing you to steal your cats pocket money to be able to feed your furry little family.

I mean, I love the big 12×12 full paper pads and all the amaaazing shiny embellies and add-ons, but a lesson learned is that if I over-shop I will be struggling to use it up for a long time after.

Sure, there are papers I could easily buy and use five times or more. But most often I don’t want the same patterned paper on display on every single layout in my scrapbook album. Variety and a plethora of prettiness makes my heart sing!

We Search, We Find - Scrapbook Layout by jenandtricks

So, Shimelle’s new class is so much fun and so just what I love right now!

And, surprise surprise, I found a sneaky collection pack in my stash I had not even OPENED yet, so imagine me RIPPING the packaging open and tossing all the pretty papers up in the air and going “WHEEEEE!” like people would do in a movie with dollar bills after a heist.

(Okey, I didn’t really do that, because that would have damaged my precious pretty patterned paper).

The collection pack that had so surprisingly taking up residence in my 12×12 paper storage was the Dapper Dan collection from Glitz.

It involves moustaches. Just saying.

I know moustaches are a bit un-cool nowadays in the scrapping community; many scrappers don’t at all understand why a man’s tendency to collect facial hair in a funny shape under his nose is a reason to print it on an otherwise perfectly usable piece paper. But I just find them funny. Also, I find them easier to use that flowers.

We Search, We Find - Scrapbook Layout by jenandtricksEnough with the ranting and raving!

This is the first of six scrapbook layouts, I would think, that will come out of me taking this class, and I hope I’ll have a chance to share them with you here!

The story behind this page is about how whenever me and Mr Boo go over to the UK to see the family, we end up exploring old airfields and discovering all sorts of forgotten and hidden pieces of history, and how I just find it completely fascinating how much I learn and how much information and knowledge my Mr can fit into that handsome brain (is that a thing?) of his. He knows so much, and thanks to that he spots the tiniest details and clues. It’s like going on a treasure hunt into history. Who knew that would be a pastime of mine?

Thanks so so much for stopping by and reading my rambly wall of text! Stay safe and have a great weekend!

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