The first time I visited a scrapbook store

Do you remember the first time you stepped into a proper scrapbook store? I certainly do. It was somewhere in the fall of 2006. Me and my mum had decided to start organizing our favourite recipes in pretty binders, but we had a hard time finding the supplies we wanted; our generic craft chain store didn’t have very much of what we needed back then, and if you were lucky, you could possibly find some plain A4 letter paper in different colours in bookshops and art supply stores, and maybe some stickers. Scrapbooking hadn’t really taken off in Sweden in the way it did later.

And then one day I walked into a real scrapbook store. It was such a game changer.

My First Scrapbookstore

It was called Skapa Hobby (“Create Hobby”), and it was this sort of narrow but deep little shop space, with lots of shelves covering the bare brickwork walls.  Literally a brick- and mortar store! I remember trying to take it all in at once: rows and rows of stamps, mists, embossing powder, ribbons, pens, adhesive, ink pads and of course those “weird” big pieces of papers in 12×12. What kind of a size was that? How exotic, I thought. They were stinking cute, though! There was so much in that store I had NEVER heard of before. In fact, it was a very nice lady in that store that showed me how to heat emboss for the very first time, and I promptly got my first heat tool and gold embossing powder and have never looked back!

I have always been a crafter. And in a way, I have been a scrapbooker all my life. Documenting memories and stories, collecting memorabilia, and taking photographs; these are things that I have always done in one form of another. Stepping in to that scrapbooking store just opened up a whole ‘nother world for me. It gave me a complete outlet for my memory keeping.

I spent hours in that store (and many many of my pennies). Every time I visited I basically looked at every item in there. I had no clue about brands or trends or techniques, I just kept cherry-picking my way through the store, hand-picking single pieces of pretty paper end little embellishments just because I loved them, not necessarily knowing what to do with it all or because they went well together. Every piece felt so precious and at first I had a hard time even using them, I just wanted to keep them ant look at them and pet them and sort them. But I started scrapping my recipes and making my cards and then finally took the plunge and started scrapbooking. Happy times!

Sadly that store is not in business anymore, and I feel very nostalgic about that little sport in the scrapiverse. But I feel lucky that it was there just when I needed it!

So do you remember the first scrapbook store you visited? What was your impression? Let me know in the comments!

/Jennie, a.k.a. jenandtricks

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