First time is not the charm

I’ve been wanting to try this out for a couple of years now, but just haven’t gotten around to it. I remember as a kid when my dad used to show me how to solder (he’s an electrician, so he had a lot of skill). I remember when I started pre-school and my mum got her first job after her maternity leave, soldering circuit boardsĀ  and mother boards for computers. She also had a lot of skill! So when I saw a video about soldering charms a few years back I thought: “Hey, THAT I can do!”. Well, some skills are just not inherited, and some does definitely not come naturally to me.

Getting the supplies has been kind of a challenge, actually. I have ventured into many hardware stores asking questions about soldering and flux gel and copper tape, and since they are generally not artsy and craftsy they have been giving me very strange looks. I actually got a “Little missus, you should visit your local craft store instead” today.

Well, my boo helped me get a soldering station on a bargain and I just couldn’t keep putting it off any more. I finally found a place that sold some thin glass pieces (why are THOSE so hard to find? I’ll have to go into glass fusing next) and I was found standing in my little kitchen today, windows open, smoke from the soldering up my nose, giving this charm making a first try. I failed on so many accounts, and it’s crude so say the least, but here it is:

First try. Paper from Graphics 45

It was only my first try after all. I’ll try again. Preferably with a kitchen fan close by, ’cause I’m feeling a bit woozy. But it was FUN. Tools, you gotta love to have tools.I’ll do better next time!

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