Frozen – The Scrapbooker Edition

I was listening to the Pink Camera podcast the other day, an episode where the lovely Sandra and Lisa were airing out their current frustrations and irks about scrapbooking and suchlike, and it was just so much fun to listen too, and very cathartic, as I could nod and agree with a lot of what they said. I warmly recommend you to go over and have a listen!

Anyway, it inspired me to have a think about some my own frustrations at the moment, which is mostly self-inflicted, so here’s me having a right waffle about my scrappy frustrations at the moment:

So, right, yeah, I am on a voluntary spending freeze, which I started at the beginning of this year. My first goal is: No scrappy shopping until the 25th of April, when I am going to a huge craft event here in Stockholm. All the little web shops I like will be present, and I just don’t feel like being that cruel to myself.

One main reason for my self-inflicted spending freeze is the recent influx of products in my stash. I went on a right shopping spree last fall, inspired by Christmas sparkle and jolly, and not only did I purchase goodies for handmade Christmas gifts, DIY holiday decorations and ample supplies for my December Daily, but somehow the shopping somehow opened the flood gates, so to speak, and I allowed myself to add some pretty paper for a pretty penny to my stash.

Yes, while it was absolutely products that I had on my wish list for a while, not all too many willy nilly random things, I now have a fully stocked up stash with all sorts of items of my wild, scrappy desires, that I have no time whatsoever to use in my regular scrapbooking! Because… because… Christmas!

Christmas for me was a two-month full on jingle-bell-rock-mania. It was very focused on holiday crafting (and wrapping and decorating and cooking and celebrating and being, all-in-all, as merry as I possibly could be). So, now, to my great frustration, I have a whole bunch of super-lovely items I haven’t even STARTED on yet. Even though I’ve longed to. Even though I’ve sort of looked at them creepily every time I’ve entered my craft space, gently run my fingers over them and whispered: “My preeeciouuuus….”, in a hoarse voice (I’ve had the worst couple of colds over the holidays, honestly, can’t wait for spring time).

So, I have promised myself not to buy anything new until I have made a serious dent in all that new stuff. Well, new-isch… for me it’s new. For the rest of Scrapbookmania it is probably quite old news by now, with all the new spring collections being released and all.

Certainly another reason is to save some money and feel all grown-up and economically responsible. However: It really tickles me to see how far I can go with the stash I have. It’s a bit like that episode of Seinfeld when Kramer test drives a car from a dealership, and he eggs on the the car dealer driving the car to see how far he can possibly go on that one tank of gas.

Woah, so with that golden 90’s reference I think it’s time to end this rant about my spending freeze! At least January was successful, and we are getting nearer the  middle of February, so I will just keep driving…!

Thank you so much for visiting! I hope you’ll have a happy, scrappy day!

/Jennie, a.k.a. jenandtricks

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