Go Nuts With Your Washi Tape – Cute Hot Air Balloon

I remember watching a scrapbooking video about 6-7 years ago here this woman was raving over using tape on her projects. At that point it wasn’t washi tape, but shiny, colourful plastic tape, some with metallic patterns. I remember my reaction, how I couldn’t understand it at all, why use tape? So, fast-forward to present day and the washi tape craze. I’m stuck in the middle of it. The trend has completely exploded and so many brands have their own take on this product; so many different pretty colours, patterns and textures. I’ve read in some forums how some people wonder how they will ever use it all, and I wonder: Did I Overbuy?

But then I think: How could I? You can use it on EVERYTHING. Layouts, mini albums, cards, tags, altered items like books, frames and boxes, on embellishments, or make it INTO an embellishment itself. Use it to decorate your phone or diary or calender, use it to tape something on the fridge and make the world a brighter place. So, lot’s of uses out of those yards of tape, huh?

Why not use it to embellish a shape for a card or a layout? I made this card to day with a hot air balloon as a theme, really easy peasy and great fun to make. Just draw a shape, turn the paper over, tape the back side, flip it back and cut out your motif. Done! On this card  used both store bought paper tape, and some handmade tape I made myself with masking tape, tissue paper and stamps.

Hope you like it!

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