Pysselmyran’s Blog issued a challenge this week that feels like a lot of fun,┬ásince it seems so out of the box for me when it comes to colour. They want you to create something in the the colours turquoise, orange and green. Huh? I can’t for the life of me think of anything to make these colours go together in a good way. But I will try… Meanwhile I tried to find some inspiration via flickr, to see how the colours would go together:

1. monkey family address label & mommy cards in green, 2. ruler card, 3. Deep green, 4. green GIRASOLE, 5. pretty clips/photo holders, 6. orange polka dot shoe, 7. plethora, 8. Orange Package, 9. orange, 10. Blue Posies Blossom Card (Open), 11. Robot, 12. Fortune Teller, 13. turquoise and green holiday snowflake gift tags, 14. Keeping it Straight Jotter, 15. Life is Better with Friends – Handmade Card, 16. 2010 Letterpress Calendar Poster (detail)

All these pics are found in the Paper Crafting Group on Flickr

Mosaic made here.

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