Greetings, people of earth

I got interested – well, instantaneously obsessed – in scrapbooking because of these reasons:

  • I wanted a method to save my favourite recipes in a personal and beautiful way
  • The interest for cooking is something I share with my mother, and I wanted to include her in the project because it’s great to have a thing like this to do together

I have always been besotted at the sight of pretty papers and shiny things so the infatuation was a fact, instantly. And then I realised, how much more it really was, how much more I could do. It was like I’d been living under a cloudy sky all my life and suddenly I saw stars. Yes, my discovery of scrapbooking was quite sci-fi like ;) Ground Control to Major Tom!

Since then I have tried different mediums, materials and techniques, and what I seem to do most are cards. I had no idea it was so much fun and whatever I try to do I always slip back into CaRd MoDe. Because “this would look really neat on a card”…

I’ve been thinking about why that is, how it can be so utterly satisfying to spend hours on end stamping and cutting and gluing (…my fingers together) and in the end create something that certainly wont last forever and will most definitely be given away to someone else. It’s a fickle thing.

But of course, after thinking about a while it I realised why. Like most people, it’s what I grew up with. In my family cards was never given listlessly, but always with great affection and intent. Much time has been spent on trying to match the card to a flower bouquet or finding the receivers favourite motif. You just don’t do it rashly!

My mother has been a star at this. Always choosing cards with care, expressing something. And as far as I can remember she has always ordered greeting cards and gift tags from VDMFK (The Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists) – (Swedish site). When I was a kid it was always a treat to be allowed to choose one of these cards or tags, when I needed one for a friend’s birthday party or a X-mas present to my granny. When I grew older and understood what the association was all about it just blew my mind, and has been a great source of inspiration.

My grandfather was a big role model in my life in many ways, I adored him. As far as I can remember he always wrote me cards for all kinds of occasions, even if  he was just secretly sneaking me a couple of dollars even though he shouldn’t have, he put them in a little cards and wrote a few words. Always horses or birds.

My dear granny has had the funny notion of delivering postcards personally. She’s quite frail nowadays, but still she’s been known to hop on a bus, then a train, and then a bus again to get that postcard in my mail box. Not ringing the door, no no, she does not want to disturb anyone, she was just in the neighbourhood ;). Pretty soon I got in the habit of rushing to the door when I heard someone sneaking about with my mailbox, to get a chance to grab her and give her coffee. Birthday or name day, international waffle day or Anna day, she writes cards.

So maybe it’s not so strange that making cards was the thing that stuck with me. It’s just something I grew up with. To make something creative on my own and give it away gives me a lot of joy.


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