Happy Place, Happy Dog

The lovely Shimelle posted a new Sketch to Scrapbook Page the other day, and I found the sketch to be very alluring; there was way more stuff in that sketch than I would usually dare to put on a layout. Maybe I’m coming out of my shell, hehe. As I flipped through my Box of Forgotten Prints I Really Love (BoFPIRL, in short… ehm) there they were, the perfect 4×6 photos just waiting to be scrapbooked.

Following the sketch, this layout took me roughly an hour. AN HOUR, people! I usually spend way more time than that on a design, biting my nails, moving pretty paper around, getting ink on my fingers and glue in my hair, not being able to make up my mind. So, this sketch was a total kick starter for me. Thanks, Shimelle!

This is the finished layout, I apologize for the really badly lit picture!

In the photos you see our old family dog, who sadly passed away a few years ago. He was a happy little dog with loads of funny mannerisms and quirky personality streaks (something that seems to happen with all the pets in our family). Just as the rest of us, he was always happiest when we were out by our summer cabin. He was a free pooch there, hanging around the family but sort of deciding his daily curriculum as he pleased. He had a habit to take himself for a walk every day, checking the perimeter of the house and our orchard, and then strutting down to the waterfront to dip his paws. After he’d shaken the water off, he’d stand in the sunshine with his nose pointed at the horizon, and sniff the sea. Just enjoying himself. Then he’d mosy up to the cabin again, hoping for a treat.

He was a very special dog, we talk about his funny little ways quite often. He was with us on so many special occasions…  It’s funny how, thinking about one specific memory, opens up a whole bunch more. There’ll prolly be more doggy layouts sometime in the future.


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  1. What a gorgeous layout! I love that wood grain paper you used. Who is the manufacturer? I also love your tags! Did you make those… they are gorgeous! I followed you over from Shimelle’s website. Love your take on the sketch challenge! :)

  2. Thank you, Kelly! Hey, I sneaked a peak at your layout to, oh my gosh! What a happy layout!

    I know, I LOVE that paper! I got it from the Dilly Dally stack (My Mind’s Eye) and it was the reason I bought the stack! And it was the first paper I used, for once, instead of just keeping it and looking at it in my stash muttering “My preciouuuus…”

    Link to paper pad:

    Love Shimelle’s sketches, I am totally hooked now :D

  3. Jennie, thanks so much for your sweet comment on my layout! :) I also appreciate the link to the paper! I totally know what you mean about keeping your fav papers and not using them… it is great that you just went for it! Shimelle’s classes and inspiration have really helped me break out of that hoarding shell. I am still a fairly slow scrapper, but I don’t hesitate as much as I used to when cutting and gluing papers to a page. It is very freeing! :) Love your blog & work… you have a new follower! :)

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