He Makes My Heart All Mushy

You know when you’re a scrapbooker and a crafter and you always make loads of pretty things to give to other people? It’s the best thing, ever. It makes your heart beat. But sometimes it’s even a liiittle bit better when someone makes something handmade for YOU. Like when your sweetheart spends the better part of an afternoon making something like this for you on Valentine’s day:

Being a Valentine’s card from a boy gamer to a girl gamer, that is rather a strong message. I know my heart is a’fluttering today.

(He cut this by hand. Seriously! Who needs a Cricut?)

Hope you had a great feb 14th! Love and respect. And chocolate.

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  1. No kidding! Me neither when I first opened the card! But he sat with an x-acto knife for nearly two hours, he says his finger almost fell off from pressing it down for so long :D I’m way impressed, don’t think I would have had the patience!

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