A heartfelt goodbye to Paperclipping Roundtable


The scrapbooking community online is a fabulous one. While the industry itself might seem frail, as scrapbooking stores, manufacturers and magazines have been shutting down one after another, the online community, I feel, is only growing stronger. We are finding other ways, and we share ideas, inspiration, support and kindness. As being a crafter and living an artful life can feel solitary at times, the online community is all the more important. On days when you are not feeling especially creative, you have somewhere to turn to for that extra little nudge, reminding you why you enjoy it so much. When you have made something creative, you have somewhere to share it.

One of those places for me for many years has been the Paperclipping Roundtable podcast, a weekly audio talk show by Noell Hyman and her husband Izzy. Every week there’s been a topic, and a panel of great guests from the scrapbooking world, discussions, arguments, comments and questions from listeners, tons of inside jokes, fun chitchat and sometimes some pretty serious conversation. It always made me excited to get home and create.

It might seem a bit bonkers that there are podcasts about something so visual as scrapbooking and paper crafting. But this show really worked. It was as if a bunch of your crafty best friends had met up to talk about this common interest they all felt really passionate about.

The podcast was released in January 2010. I discovered it in 2011, and was well pleased to have a years worth of backlog to listen to (nonstop, for months!) as I commuted to and from work. I didn’t particularly enjoy either my job or my commute back then, and as I set off in the mornings, feeling quite miserable and blue, there they were in my ears, joking and laughing and chatting about one of my favourite hobbys from every angle possible.

I have listened to every episode since. Most of them at least twice.

So of course, when the news broke that Noell and Izzy will no longer be recording the show, my little scrappy heart felt a bit broken. Because in a way it feels like I am saying goodbye to some very good friends. It is rare to find people willing to dive so deep into conversation about memory keeping, and whether on the commute or in my craft space, Paperclipping Roundtable was great company. And of course, most of all I feel very, very grateful that they have shared this great content for so many years, and that they did so much to spread so much positivity and discourse about the hobby. It has been invaluable.

As always though, they keep inspiring. They are making big life changes for health and happiness, something I think all of us could dare to think about a little bit more often. I will miss their voices and jokes in my ear holes though!

/Jennie, a.k.a. jenandtricks

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