“Hello 2014” – Scrapbook Layout with Mr Boo, and how we celebrated the new year


I very, very, VERY seldom scrapbook photos within a week from when I took them. It has always been a habit or process or whatever; I scrapbook event/photos/highlights of my little life way after they happen. The reason? I am not very good at developing photos on a regular basis. I have a massive amount of photos from the last 3-4 years combined, I take everything in RAW and hardly post-process all of them, so if I want to scrapbook a single event, that will happen after I do a batch order for photos. I order a BIG batch of photos from the developers and then those are pretty much the ones I use through my scrapbook months/year.

Well, squids and popsicles, that is very much about to change!

Reason one: I got a VERY nice little photo printer from my beau on my birthday (a Canon Selphy, so so lovely).


I am in heaven, really I am. I WILL order big batches of photos still, it’s just more economical, but oh my: if I want photos TODAY because I feel inspired TODAY to scrapbook a certain event or day or thing or tiny detail in my life, it’s just all go on all accounts. I am seriously blessed, that is what I am. In fact, thinking about the possibilities slightly raises my heartbeat as I type this. The things that makes a scrapbooker happy, ey?

So this is the scrapbook layout where I used the Instax photo of me and and Mr Boo on New Years Eve.

We look pretty spiffing, if I might say so! Quite a handsome couple! (we clean up nice, if we want to. Otherwise we pretty much play computer games and smell the opposite of cake).

The background paper: From the shop Panduro, one of the go-to DIY shops in Sweden. I’ve had it in my stash for at least 3 years, if not more.  I liked the über-theme of the fire-works when I bought it, but the paper in itself was pretty pail and plain, believe it or not. Sort of dry, in the colours, if you know what I mean.

But hey, sometimes you have that moment when you have that PERFECT PAPER in your collection. As the Pantone colour this year is very purply, I just had to give it a go.

I inked it up a lot, using black distress ink around the edges, and splattering all sorts of mist on the rest of the page.

I very much enjoyed layering the papers underneath the photo, and the Basic Grey brads was just a joy to use. And the Thickers… oh my… I have made a promise to myself NOT to be cheapy-cheap on using my thickers this year. They just make everything more… MORE.



Here is the 12×12 scrapbook layout in the end. A page I am quite happy to see in the beginning of my 2014 album. Woot woot!

jenandtricks scrapbook layout for the new year


Thank you SO much for stopping by, I so much appreciate you coming here and reading my silly little scrapbook blog. Sometimes I honestly feel like a rambling crazy-lady; I sort of go on and on about this hobby and passion of mine and I have no idea if anybody is listening.

If you are, say hello in the comments :) You get a star in the sky to call your own (you can name it Ralph).

*Moah* and much love!

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  1. A girl called Ralph

    I always read your posts, though I am really bad at leaving comments *shame on me*.
    Your posts are anything but silly. They’re inspiring, but for me in a way that you might not think. I am a terrible scrapper, I couldn’t glue two pieces of paper together properly. Nevertheless, I get inspired, by your writing, your choice of words, your language. So thanks for that :). And you make such pretty things, lovely to look at!

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