Hello christmas!

I know a very stylish young lady named Louisa, who loves Hello Kitty (she can also play winkle Twinkle Little Star on piano!). Well, I found the perfect hair clips for her last year, and wanted to send them to her, and it just happened to be close to Christmas, so there you go. I realised I haven’t posted the pics here, so since I’m all into the Christmas cards right now, I thought I’d add it now.

I found a motif to match the hair clips, which I printed out and attached to a piece of chipboard to make it more sturdy. The eyes and whiskers on the picture were glazed to make them stand out a bit. The different background papers were raised up in different levels with adhesive foam dots, so that there was room to snap the hair clips directly on to the card.

I can say with no doubt that this is the most girly Christmas card I have ever made… or will ever make… unless someone challenges me to make another one ;)

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  1. Jen

    Ni är för snälla! Det var väldigt kul att göra det här kortet, kul att kunna skicka en julklapp till en liten tös :) Tack för att ni kom och hälsade på!

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