Hello world

Hiya peeps!

Long time, no see, huh? I know, I know. I haven’t felt especially wordy in quite some time, and have mostly been using the Internet to look up funny cat pictures. And pug pictures. Lots and lots of pug pictures. Staying on the quiet side of life have felt comforting.

But I am starting to miss using my words. And using my platforms. So maybe today I will start again? The very first sentence on that test post on a brand new WordPress blog always starts: “Hello world!”. So let’s make it like that. Hello world!

I have however gone through quite a few crafting sprees last year, even if I have been quiet. Some of it I have put up on Instagram, a short-and-sweet sort of way to document my scrapbooking.

I’ll try and embed a few pics from Instagram below of what I’ve been doing lately, hope you enjoy! Hope to be back soon with a few posts about my plans and suchlike for the coming year.

Thank you so much for visiting! I hope you’ll have a happy, scrappy day!

/Jennie, a.k.a. jenandtricks

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