Horses, Horses and More Horses, or: How to Beat a Flood of Old Prints

I love horses. There, I said it. I’m not just a crazy cat lady, I am also one of those girls who grew up loving horses. I got to take riding lessons for many years and I was also lucky enough to have the opportunity to go to a two week riding camp, four summers in a row. It was a really big deal for me. I think I was 11 or 12 the first time I went, and it was two weeks without my parents, when I got  to be responsible for a lovely, chubby, pony all on my own.

And my parents had equipped me with my with a point-and-shoot! And I took a LOT of photos. Like, tons. I must have come home with at least 6-8 rolls of film every year. Because this was in the olden days when digital cameras did not exist!

The thing with this camp was that it was held by a stud farm that breeds Norwegian Fjord horses. They are adorable, but they have a very specific appearance. They basically all have the same shape and colour.

These rolls of film have haunted me through the years. I always think: “That must be the last one, I can not possibly have taken any more photos of these horses!”, and then I will find a pile of old film rolls and send them off to be developed, and at least one of them will be another batch of pony photos from this camp. And while they are lovely to look at, honestly: how many pony photos from your early teens does one need?

To this day I still have a hard time telling the horses and the people in the photos apart, and I have no clue what year is which. But the photos keep multiplying; it’s like they are a living entity!

This is my way of defeating those piles and piles with pony pictures!

The time I’ve spent at this riding camp has meant a lot to me, so of course I want to round up the memories somehow. So I decided to do a compilation; a two page layout with several of the photos I like the best, a spread that would be a sort of summary, and then be done with it. After this I hope to be able to say goodbye to a lot of my old prints.

Since I still have the negatives to be scanned if I want to, I decided to use some of my original prints. Because I really don’t think I have a reason to have any more copies printed, if you catch my drift. But using the original prints, without processing, was also a challenge. Prints from that time are usually a bit weird and grainy, the colours are a bit dim, and the sizes of the prints seem to differ quite a bit depending on where I had them developed. In the end I ended up cutting them down, some of them into squares for one of the pages and the rest as a sort of grid for the second page. Doing this was actually a pretty good idea, because I had no sense of composition when I was a kid; there was a lot of extra space in every photo (“My word, look over yonder there, a pony! And around it, a vast area of grass!”).

I added some gesso as a base to write the journaling on, and I got a chance to use a bunch of small scraps from my left-over box, which is always great. And I am very pleased that I got to use the small die cut with the saddle on. I got it as a freebie once, and in all honesty, I think this would have been the only layout in my life where I would have used it. It was by pure chance too; I had that tiny space left to cover and it just happened to have the right dimension! Wootness!

All in all, these photos have been around forever and it feels really great to have used them for something, and not just have them tucked away in a shoebox somewhere. Also… how cute are these ponies?

Scrapbook Layout Sindarve

Scrapbook Layout Sindarve

Scrapbook Layout Sindarve

Scrapbook Layout Sindarve

Scrapbook Layout Sindarve



Stay safe, everyone! Have a happy, scrappy Monday!


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  1. Hittade hit via Paperclipping. Så förvånad jag blev när jag läste ‘journalingen’ och såg att den var på svenska. Roligt skrivet inlägg och jättefina sidor om ridlägret. De berättar verkligen något.

  2. @Sorken: Åh, vad kul! Välkommen! :) Kul att träffa på en annan Paperclippingfantast! Har vekrligen hundratals bilder fårn det där älskade ridlägret, kändes väldigt skönt att få en sida gjord om det :)

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