I still overpacked for the scrapbooking crop – The lamentations of an overoptimistic scrapbooker

Last week my friend Therese shared her brilliant *Note to Self* about what NOT to pack for a scrapbooking crop, and of course I need to follow suit, because, dude, I did NOT achieve what I wanted with my packing for this years Craft & Hobby event.

Stockholm Craft Hobby April 2016
My workspace may look all organised and relatively tidy, but don’t be fooled! There’s ins one huge suitcase and a shoulder tote bag under the table!

“But Jennie, how is this possible?!”, you may ask. “You are so organised and you had such a good plan!”, you might say. Well… My plan was pretty great, but I DID NOT STICK TO IT.

Like, whuuut?! What can I say; I got overexcited when I was packing, and I just lost track.

I packed Way Too Much. Again. Just as I did last year, I just totally underestimated how much I would actually shop at the crop, as well as how much I would get done during the crop. I had a box with about 500 photos with me. I kid you not! And, while I actually made around 12 layouts and started a mini album, I most certainly could have done with less.

I don’t have an excuse: I was sooo overexcited and hyper about going to this crop, doing something FUN, getting some scrapping done and all in all spend some proper quality time with my friends and not have to think about anything else going on in my life at all. Less crappy, more scrappy! The total bliss of just completely delving into that creative state of mind.

Stockholm Craft Hobby April 2016
My dear scrappy, creative friends Malin and Therese! *MOAH!*

And like I said, I completely overestimated what I would have time to do during the crop. My brain was all like: “You’ll have sooo much time, Jennie, and be sooo much more efficient than last year, so yeah, you’ll do a bunch of layouts and cards and Project Life and mini albums and totally finish those two vacation albums from 2010 you are STILL working on! YEAH! Leeeerrooooy Jeeeeeeenkiiiiins!”

I am only thankful that at the very last minute I opted to NOT pack all of my unfinished Project Life albums and PL cards…

Well, Therese very wisely suggested that we’d jot down a list as we packed up at the end of the crop, and here are my notes on what I overpacked for the scrapbooking crop:

  • My Sissix Big Shot
    I thought I would use it JUST AS MUCH as I use it when I scrapbook at home. So I packed it. Along with an assortment of dies. And, you guys, it weighs a TON. And I used it ONCE. So. Not. Worth. It. I honestly CAN make plenty of layouts without it.
  • 500 photos
    In a fit of panic I felt like I had noooo photos to scrapbook so I ordered some to take with me to the crop. What I didn’t realise was that I had ordered over 500 of them. And they came in a big box. Which weighed a lot. Which I also packed.
  • All of my wood veneer
    I just couldn’t be arsed to pick out which ones I thought I’d use. So I just brought the entire box of them. I used exactly two pieces. What a fail.
  • Too many alphas
    Yes, I am a Thicker addict but did I need to bring ten different packs? I could just have bought new ones in one of the many stores that were at the crop! OMG, Jennie…
  • Mixed media supplies
    I love mixed media. I love adding paints and layers to my projects. But it was just not PRACTICAL. All the baby wipes in the world could not save me from my phobia of wrecking my stencils and brushes.
  • Too much patterned paper
    Honestly. This was my #1 problem last year. I love shopping for new patterned paper, and once I HAVE new patterned paper, I want to use THAT patterned paper. I had a very nice little kit packed up and then I went and added a whole stack more just in case. So silly. Really. I could have done with just packing white and Kraft cardstock, if even that. Next year I will challenge myself to not pack a single piece of paper. Because… shopping…. yeah.

Next year, Gadget… Next year…

Well, that is it for the lamentations of this overoptimistic scrapbooker. I think I have some issues to work through… Does anybody know a good scrapbook shrink? And wouldn’t it be awesome if they could shrink your supplies for when you are packing for a scrapbooking crop?

Ta for visiting! Happy Sunday!

/Jennie, a.k.a. jenandtricks

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Stockholm Craft Hobby April 2016
On my way to the crop, way too hyper and still downing one large latte with an extra shot of espresso, because, coffee!!! And FANCY coffee, like, tasty coffee you get somewhere not at your own home. Honestly, you can’t take me anywhere…


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