Ideas are Invading, time to get tactical

Tricks and I were talking about techniques we’d like to try out. Again. It’s what we do every day, basically! We need to start taking notes, so many ideas and plans, it’s impossible to keep track.

Well, we have this nifty blog just for us where we can stash the ideas, so that’s what I’ll do.


Speaking of hama beads, check out these fantastically geeky floppy disc ear rings… Another great store! They appeal both to the crafter and geek in me.

They are so cool! I should get my ears pierced…
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  1. Jessica

    Those prices are retarded. These earings are $20. I can make these in 5 minuites. Not just make them, but iron them and put on the jumpring and put them on earing hooks. They are cute though.

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