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As I mentioned, Tricks and I have a constant conversation going. Ideas fly by and gets stored somewhere in the back of the brain, but do they actually get executed?

So Tricks had the marvellous idea to start a category for this, for ideas and plans. ‘Nuff said! I hereby declare the category “Ideas & Plans” open.

Another great idea she had to start things off (One thing you got to love about her! So many good ideas) was this:

That both of us, separately,  makes something using the same stamp. Just so see what happens, just to see how different the outcome would be.

This is really brilliant. We did something similar a few weeks back when we were invited for dinner to one of our mutual friends. We made half a card each and then glued it together, only having our Sassafras “Oliver & Friends” stamp as a common element (a lucky strike, our friend had owl wallpaper in her new place).

The card was hysterical, two very different halves, and still nice as a whole. I wish we’d take a picture of it, it was like an epitome of Jen & Tricks! Hopefully, if we get our asses in gear, this idea of Tricks will give us the chance to do something like that again.

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  1. Tricks

    Goodness! So much to do, so little time! This little idea of mine, to use the same materials, it feels like so much fun! I am always so inspired by the things you do, you are always using materials in ways I would never have even thought of!

  2. Jen

    Oh, another thing we could do: You put together a kit of materials you like, and choose a stamp or two, and I do the same. And then we switch :)

    Haha, I can see us sitting with this screen inbetween, scratching our heads, because

    you always use stuff I would never even have thought of :)

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