It rhymes with…. door hinge?

I am sure that plenty of the regular brands sell stamp pads in various orange colours, the problem is just that I haven’t found them in any of the Swedish stores I visit. So, now that I have “discovered” the ColorBox Inkpads I also finally found my orange stamp pad(I dunno why I didn’t really see them before, maybe because I’m so used to shopping the VersaMarks and Brilliance ones, ’cause they are sold everywhere).

Maybe orange is just so darn popular it’s always sold out… Anyways, I am thrilled to have added this colour to my pads. I found it at Ljunggrens (adorable shop in the Old Town in Stockholm) during one of mine and Tricks’es scrapbook excursions. Lovely! They probably always had it, I just didn’t find it until now!

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