It’s time to get merry

It is a bit frustrating before the holidays, I really want to spend days and days crafting and doing fun projects and X-mas gifts for my loved ones, but there is just too little time. Suddenly there’s only a few days left. It’s just ironic that the time when one has the most cheer and enthusiasm to do something there is just NOT enough time to do it. I need to win a lottery or something so I can take December off!

I sent out all my X-mas cards in time though, and even managed to take a few photos of them, even though they don’t look all that good. Taking photos of projects during winter is not the easiest thing to do in Sweden. Good daylight conditions is pretty much out from October to April.  But I cranked up the ISO on my camera and turned on all my X-mas lighting and my living room and almost blinded myself with little desk light, so hopefully some of them can be posted here. Soon. As soon as I find time!

I did NOT do as well as our friend Malin however, who has been making her own candles AND made a whole crate of beautiful X-mas cards to send out. Amazing! I’ve seen her craft in person a couple of time now, she just goes for it, she is so efficient and still manages to make both fun and beautiful projects. I bet her friends and family will be pleased to get one of these:

Colour me impressed!

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  1. Malin

    But you make me blush, Jen! ;)
    Yeah, I’ve got lots of happy thanks for the cards especially.
    For the candles, they didn’t really get that I made them myself until I told them. They liked the boxes too. Well, all but my father-in-law who broke up the box without any caution at all…
    Wishing you a happy new year! <3

  2. Jen

    I got your card in the post yesterday! *sigh on postal service*

    It was really well thought through Malin, i loved that you could fold it and stand it up like that! Thank you, sweetie!


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