“I’ve got my eyes on you” get’s a whole other meaning

I can’t help it, I just think they are funny. Fuh-Nyh! What project doesn’t get a boost from googly eyes? Old stamp motifs or funny shapes get another dimension. (Plus: Boring baby pictures? Boring photo of your granny? The answer: Googly eyes!). I used quite a lot of them on the X-mas cards I made the other month (note to self: don’t forget to actually SEND the X-mas cards this year), and then I couldn’t stop myself, I put them on everything. Anyway, I found a lot of inspiring googly-eye-nutters on Flickr, enjoy!

1. Boo Owl ghost, 2. Basil the seeing eye dog., 3. Thank You, 4. Biscuit Buddies {29/52}, 5. Whoo’s Turning 50?, 6. 10/365 – Watching you, 7. Hang In There, 8. Whachoo lookin’ at?, 9. halloween_card, 10. three’s company, 11. Christmas Mini Card Set-1, 12. Pickles with eyes., 13. heroartsinchies, 14. Will you stop!, 15. May I cut in?, 16. 065:365 Would These Eyes Lie To You?, 17. Close up of eyes, 18. those citrus fruits are at it again., 19. Pug Card, 20. 282/365 eye pod

Go on, you know you want to…

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