Last X-mas I gave you my tags

Tricks made a set of incredibly creative tags for her sisters x-mas tree, and posted a couple pictures a while back. Thank you, Tricks! I was so curious about those tags, you’d told me about them but i didn’t get a chance to see them before the big day. I love how you do the unexpected, how you can get cheerful clouds and pink swirls and a trumpet-playing rabbit to be so x-massy :)

I’ve made sort-of-tags for my x-mas gifts before, I rather do something hand-made (even though it looks like it was made like a 3-year-old) when I wrap my gifts. This year though, since my stash of scrapbook goodies has grown in a very satisfactory way during 2008, Tricks idea of making real tags inspired me to do some for my gifts. Some extra inspiration courtesy of Tim Holtz and his beautiful 12 tags of Christmas, although I don’t think I could ever make something remotely as pretty as his!

Aaaanyways, here are my rather blurry photos of some of my tags, enjoy!



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  1. Tricks

    I LOVE those tags! All of them! Specially the one with the amber-coloured bubble stickers. Wow. The three stars are also just… I wish I was half as creative as you!

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