Late Easter Eggs

It’s funny, I made this cards in good time before Easter; I was going on a holiday and I wanted them in the mail in time. So, while the cards actually arrived almost a week early, this post is way way late, but here goes anyway:

I wanted to make some fast and fun cards and do some stamping, and i knew I wanted something egg shaped. I just didn’t want to go and buy a stamp just for this occasion. It happens so easily, you buy a special stamp for one holiday and then you never use it again. I like trying to figure out how to use what I have in a new way.

I have this huge beautiful mounted stamp of a big flower, and the size and pattern of it makes it very versatile. So I cut out an egg-shaped template and used that to make these almost feathery eggs. Some bright colours ans papers in different layers and that was it. Here they are:

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