Let’s Play!

I had a sort of mishap I wanted to use, and that was this sprayed background on white Bazzil. I’d mixed some Color Wash and Perfect Pearl Mist, and the result was awesome and happy and bold, but didn’t match the project I was working on at the moment. However, I thought it fitted this photo perfectly. I am also considerably pleased with the fact that I’ve used both a patterned paper and some alphas that has been sitting in my stash for at least 5 years! They’re some classic Basic Grey from that time, and I loved them, and I bought them, and still love them, but I loved them so  much I never used them. So, wohoo for using things from your stash!I’ve mixed it up with some Washi tape and some teen alphas from Glitz. It’s nice when you can mix old and new, I think!

The photo is of course one of Sixxten the Cat, who is a very playful cat who often brings toys around for you to play with. He’s very vocal; he has certain sounds for food or cuddles, or for when the bathroom door is accidentally shut, or for when someone has the nerve to go IN the bathroom and shut the door voluntarily, and for when he wants attention and wants to play. If you happen to ignore him, even though he’s brought toys and laid the by your feet, and even though he’s been making his intentions very clear, he will in the end poke you. Or, sort of slap you. Play, darn you! Play!


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