Love Friday and Pinterest


Ok, so not only is it Friday, I’m also completely addicted to Pinterest. It’s a complete flood of inspiration and colour (and pictures of delicious cakes, for some reason), and as I’m pinning things to my boars they grow and overwhelm. If you EVER have any lack of inspiration, look no further. But also, be warned that it’s hard to close down you browser once you start.

It’s a bit like ending up spending a day googling random interesting things, except, people have done it for you.

I’ve been a bit into retro colours and aesthetics lately (well, what I personally consider to be retro that is, I am born in the late 70-s after all), so I started a board where I will pin various pictures in this category. I hope in the end to have a whole collection that will help me make a good colour swatch. Pretty awesome, if you ask me.

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  1. It’s a lovely site, always an inspiration :) There have been a lot of interesting discussions regarding Pinterest and copyright and such lately, it’ll be interesting to see where they lead!

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