Love Friday

This Friday is was snowing in Stockholm! I love it. I know it wont stay, in fact it’s already beginning to melt away, but up here in the north snow means light, it means those grey and dark late autumn evenings are going to be so much brighter. Plus, you get to bundle up with socks and sweaters and hopefully under a blanket with your special someone. No bad conscience when you stay inside and craft! In fact, you might have to stock up with some more papers and things, who knows how much time you’ll have to spend inside, scrapbooking! Especially since it is now the weekend.

I’ve been indoors most of the day pottering about with a layoutI am doing. It is going to be the base for a photo of Tricks. I’m a bit nervous, I haven’t done a lot of crafting with photos before, in the traditional scrapbook sense. But I really want to start an album, so I have to start sometime, right?

I sat in my couch looking at the chaos in front of me and started thinking about what things I use the most, things I always bring out when I’m crafting with papers. Here they are:

  • My heat gun. I emboss a lot, I have ever since I started this hobby. I remember in the beginning when Tricks and I stood in her kitchen heating up the embossing powder with her toaster. Sure it smelled really pleasant, but the result was not to satisfactory.The heat gun was one of the first items I bought, it’s going on 5 years now and still works like a charm.
  • My brush. Got to get rid of that extra powder somehow, this brush is good for both large and small areas.
  • My watermark stamp pad. Again, for the embossing. I just like seeing where I stamp before I pour the powder on, I just don’t like that blue tint that some pads have. The watermark pad gives a good neutral image and the motif keeps sticky long enough not to rush you. Again, one of the first items I bought, and still no sign of drying out.
  • My Fiskars trimmer. I can’t cut a straight line by hand for the life of me. I know there are better models than this one, but this is small enough to bring with you.

I hope you all have a great Friday and a really good weekend! Don’t forget to create something. You can find time, I promise!

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