Lovely Labels

Friday, the day before The-Two-Epic-Days-Of-Spare-Time when you can craft and be creative. Ideas pop into my head during the week but I seldom have time to do something with them, hopefully I get to spend some hours this weekend crafting though. I just need to remember the ideas… yay for post-its!

If you feel a bit short for motivation, here is one sure source of inspiration: Old designed labels. Do a Google image search or do a search on Flickr or Photobucket, you’re bound to find a ton of appealing designs. Or find objects in your home with labels on them. Someone has already come up with a design; you can borrow inspiration from that. Make it into your own and turn it into a card or a photo layout.

Here are some examples I love from Flickr:

1. Apple Crate Label, 2. Label Tributo Shiraz 2007, 3. Polish matchbox label, 4. Label Detail: Crown, 5. Hungarian matchbox label, 6. Zuddyl (Logo&Label), 7. Dur Dur D’Être Bebé Inner Label, 8. 70’s Gunne Sax Label, 9. Airmail Labels, 10. Personal Use Only – Vintage Labels, Box Tops, Tins, 11. champagne label, 12. Vintage Orange Crate Label

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