Making Some X-mas Cards With My Mum

I had a completely scrappy weekend! On Saturday I met my friend Andrea at an art supplies shop to buy some pretty papery goodies, and then we spent almost 9 hours in complete frenzy scrapping a wedding album for her sister. And we finished it! And made it look awesome! It’s just something about adding all the photos into a context and a complete story that makes them just a little bit more amazing to look at.

Sunday I spent with my dear mom, making Christmas cards. It was ages since we did something together just her and me, so I felt really grateful we had the chance to schedule that day in. She made so many pretty cards, I just had to sneak some photos of them and share. We have completely different styles, so it’s always surprising and fun to see how she’s gonna end up using her supplies!

We ended the weekend with a nice dinner, my mum, dad, Jed and I, shared a bottle of wine, talked about crafty things. I’m lucky to have a family that indulge me, they let me go on and on about my ideas and plans. I feel like I talked their ears off. Maybe I should get out of my crafty corner more….

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