More Urban Sphere pics


I chose this paper as the colour reminded me of one of those gorgeous sunsets you can get in a city when the sun and the sky reflects in all the windows. The patterns is made of fuzzy crushed velvet flock, which I think go rather well with the kitties living in the building :)





I glazed the windows and worked on the fasade to get something a bit grungy in colours that would match the background paper. It’s basically brown cardstock that I painted, sandpapered, embossed and inked.


“It Must Be Bunnies”

Being a softy for pop cult references, made me think of this title. I wanted houses that felt flower-powerish amd found this funky paper I got from Tricks:




More paint action on the paper, I’m starting to like that combo. It makes a busy paper a bit softer in the contrasts, and as a step up from just inking the edges it makes the paper look like a finished product. It’s an easy trick to get it to match another paper or a different colour.


“Knock Knock – Who’s There?”

Friendly monsters who’s taken up residence in one of the tower blocks. Stars made of tiny peel-offs, embossed dots and a silver pen.





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