My Friend Who Got Married – Scrapping an old photo

Shimelle Laine’s mysterious accomplice, Glitter Girl, posted another great video this week, this time about scrapping larger photos, which was pretty perfect considering I have some larger prints I’ve been dying to use. My friend Sara got married ten, correction, TWELVE years ago and I was the bridesmaid. It was such an honour to be asked, and I have so many great memories from that day! Like hoe we met early to do the hair and make-up, and the photo shoot before the wedding, and how I found myself crying so much during the ceremony so much that I think my sniffles was echoing in the church, and how all the guests held a joint speech for the couple during dinner, and dancing so much I had to take off my shoes.

We were so young then, and now suddenly it’s been ten years and Sara and her husband Tor (Thor! How cool a name is that?) have two beautiful children and a house that was once small but keeps getting bigger every now and then (they are a super handy family!). They are a happy bunch and that makes me happy.

The photographer they hired for the wedding had also taken a lot of photos for our theatre group. There are so many great shots from the photo shoot before the wedding, and not only of the gorgeous couple on their special day, but luck had it that we had a few minutes extra for a few photos of Sara and I. Among them this one is my favourite, because I know that the happy smiles are completely spontaneous.

So this is how the layout turned out:

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  1. Naaw, now you make me cry too! You played a big part of that day and how wonderful it was. (Do I dare correct you on one thing? It’s nearly 12 years ago now…)

    Big kiss!

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