Net Hoppin’

I know I don’t sound like a 30-year old now but dammit: Tricks is my bestest friend and I want to hang with her all the time! Sadly our adult, mundane lives prevents this but we keep in touch whenever possible.

Like, sometimes we have email conversations lasting entire days and consiting mainly of links to various cool things on the net. “Look at this technique!” “Well, look at this material!” “OOOOH! I bet with that you could do somehting like this thing here” “That reminds me, I need this bling bling from this page” “Well, one always needs more bling bling! Look at THIS!” “Oh, why are you doing this to me?! I Need it noooow!”.

You get the drift, huh? It’s like finding shiny pebbles and other treasures washed up on the beach.

Well, skimming through the lovely blog of mr. monkeysuit (oh, the lovely, colourful, crafty projects, it’s crazy inspirational!), there was some cute pics of some personalised stamps, and the link to Craftpudding’s shop on Etsy. (Etsy is now in my blood, very dangerous!). Dear lord, handcarved rubber stamps! I would post a picture but i don’t want to violate the copyright, so be sure to clicky the link! I could get so broke… must resist… spending all my money! *NIGH*

For more Craftpudding enjoyment, check out the blog,! And there we go, more inspiration, ain’t internet grand? The motifs are very appealing and so are the different mediums. The stamping on the ribbons with for instance, maybe with Versa Craft? Also I was planning to make some embellishments with paper clay, and now my head is full of ideas!

And oh, carving your own stamps, I can’t begin to descibe how my fingers itch to try it myself! Excellent links there. Hehehee, I vaguely recall an experiment carving potato stamps with Tricks, and rumours have it it was disaster! I remeber the actual event, I remeber the potato and I remeber it was fun, but I have thoroughly repressed the results…

Maybe we should give it another try, but I think I need an apron this time.

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