New Brand in the mail

Visiting the CHA Convention would be like going to Disneyland. I would really love to go sometime, but living in tiny old Sweden, oceans away, and not being a millionaire, that dream will have to wait a couple of years. Thank gawd for the Internet, right? Blogs reporting directly from the fair, discussions going on online, web shops bringing in the new stuff for me to squander my money on.

But like any trend it takes a while for some stuff to get here. Some products catch on here in no time, some takes a bit longer, depending. Say for example that us Swedish scrappers in totally caught up in cute pastels and romantic lace at the moment, then something bolder might take a while to get rooted.

And also, we have so many great little web shops here, run by scraplovers: small, personal, diverse. Of course what will be sold in those stores will often reflect the taste of those running it. So, say for instance that there is a lemon green trend going on over seas – that might not catch on because web shop owners would rather sell what they think is pretty. Good and bad, see ? If I had a web shop, of course I wouldn’t sell anything I didn’t like myself. The contents of Swedish scrap stores often directly reflect our own “local” trends.

Don’t get me wrong though *grin*. Like any devoted scrapper us Swedish ones are quite eager to find and incorporate as many new things as we can get our hands on ;)

For instance, the Graphic 45 “Fashionista” paper line! I want to run around screaming “They’re here, they’re here!”, because now that I’ve seen them I don’t know how I ever lived without them. I have a gargantuan soft spot for anything vintage and those papers just give “that feel”. If I could I’d make a paper pyjama and sleep in it I would, but it’s just unpractical… It’s been out for a year but hasn’t been a common brand in Swedish stores, but look at them! Every paper is like a gem! Each one gives me a million ideas!

Graphic 45 got Best of Show in the CHA Summer convention 2008, for exhibiting with excellence. Wow, I’d have loved to see that exhibit. I’ve done my fair share of conventions and fairs and it ain’t easy making an exhibit look inviting and accessible, and keep up the good spirit during the entire show!

All in all, what can I say? I am in love. Me and Tricks very quickly ordered some of these papers, they are on their way in the mail now! Can’t wait!



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