Oh, Fudge – Scrapbooking My Recipes

I hoard recipes. Or, at least I hoard recipes I love to cook. And I LOVE cooking and baking, so, I have quite a stash of recipes. Most of them is tucked in a folder and look something like this:

The top one is an honest-to-gawd old photocopy of one of my mom’s cut outs from a magazine, and I bet she still has the original somewhere. I must have had that photocopy since I was about 12? I took a copy of my mums copy and cut it out and glued it on a white paper and put it in a binder, and I’ve had it ever since. In my defence, it’s the best flippin’ fudge cake recipe in the world. True story.

Once in a while I try to take my very favourite recipes and make something of them (other than delicious dishes and baked goods, that is). I have a recipe binder I add to once in a while, if there is something I feel I want to keep. Often it becomes a sort of scrapbooking, since most recipes get so tied in with a story. This fudge cake, for instance, was a cake my mum used to bake a lot for birthdays when I was a kid, usually for when my relatives came to our home to celebrate. I always used to help her put out the fancy china coffee cups before everyone came over, and there was several different patterns, so it always looked very festive.

So this recipe finally goes in my binder now, many years later. And many fudge cakes will be baked in the future. Huzzah!

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