Packing a small travel kit – What craft supplies would you pack?

Things I put in my crafty travel kit -

Well, who doesn’t bring a kit of craft supplies when they travel somewhere? But putting together a crafty travel kit can easily get out of hand, speaking from years of personal over-packing experience.

I can never help myself; sneaky rolls of washi tape, a plethora of great pens, a cheeky assortment of notebooks and project life cards, always find their way into my travel bag. Sometimes even a whole mini album kit. It’s not always the most practical thing, especially if you are off on a plane somewhere, and maybe some people will opt to leave room for other things, but, you can pack a small kit at least, right?

This years travel kit packing list

This year I tried to be as minimal as possible when planning my travel kit. Well, all is relative… This is what I packed:

  • A small set of watercolours
  • Two very tiny travel-sized brushes for details
  • A larger brush for washes
  • A water brush (perfect for the airplane)
  • A pad of postcard-sized watercolour paper
  • An extra pad of watercolour paper, small size
  • A tiny mason jar, with a lid, for holding water
  • Waterproof, black pen (0.2)
  • A pencil for light sketching
  • Some of my favourite journaling pens
  • My notebook

A small set of watercolours from Winsor & Newton, postcard-sized watercolour paper pads, a pencil and a waterproof black pen. Things I put in my crafty travel kit -

Why I pack my watercolours in my travel kit

From the perspective of me over-packing pens and markers and colour pencils in years past, this small watercolour set, with it’s basic colours, just gives you a lot of possibilities for its size. Want to make a small illustration in a letter o the back of a postcard? Done! Want to paint your own postcards and send to people at home? Done! Want to capture a landscape or a part of a city you love? Well, go for it! Maybe you have a travel journal you write in as you go; then this little set is perfect for illustrations and embellishments on the pages. You could even paint your own Project Life cards as you go.

Detail from a handpainted postcard in watercolour. Things I put in my crafty travel kit -

While I am not a landscape painter or very good at drawing, I do love to doodle and paint simple illustrations, and this year I brought these very nifty little postcard-sized paper pads, complete with room for a stamp and adress on the back. If you find yourself with some quiet time, or a moment left over when you get the chance to relax and let your thoughts wonder (which can be sorely needed if your trip has been all go go go), doodling or painting with watercolours can be the perfect little crafty break you need.

Four simlpe, handpainted postcards in watercolour, ready to be mailed! Things I put in my crafty travel kit -
Another thing I did as I was packing, was to stamp up a few images with waterproof black ink. That way, if I had time to sit down somewhere, or had to sit and wait for something, I could always colour in those stamps. And as it happened, I did have a lovely sunny afternoon, a cup of tea and some time with these cute scribbly birds. Now they are ready to cut out and use on a project when I get the time:

Bringing things to colour in, like these Scribbly Birds by Dinah Wakely. Things I put in my crafty travel kit -

And of course, you can always colour in any doodles you might have done in your notebook, like maybe a little drawing you make when you finally get some much needed caffeine in your body:

Doodles made on an airplane, with an assortment of pens and watercolours. Things I put in my crafty travel kit -

The always present notebook

Speaking of that notebook, I don’t go anywhere without it ever, and I find it especially handy when travelling. It’s time you can’t spend doing much else than go from point A to point B, and it’s just the perfect opportunity to schedule in a little admin time with yourself, to jot down those lists and ideas, perhaps make some notes for your Project Life, journal your trip and maybe draw a few scrapbook layout sketches and templates. If you have no room for any other crafty stuff, at least pack your notebook and your favourite pen.

Doodles and scibbles in my travle note book, plans and sketches for scrapbook layouts. Things I put in my crafty travel kit -

Sometimes crafting or doing something creative is the most restful gift you can give yourself, and I don’t think I would even dream of going away somewhere without bringing at least a little something with me. Are you a super-organized, minimalist packer, or do you pack little crafty kits like this? Or do you maybe even pack half your scrapbooking stash when you go away on holiday?

Maybe we should all just pack all our stuff and meet on Mallorca or something. Wouldn’t that be something!

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