The Cotton Candy Bowls

Quick post to flaunt these fantastic glass bowls I gave my mother for her last b-day. It’s was hand made by mine and Trick’s friend Ylva Holmén, who’s a great artist. She makes the most wicked things from glass! Check out her blog,, to see more of her work.

On another note:

The National Novel Writing Month is soon upon us, and of course I had to make some nifty NaNoWriMo earrings. I can’t write unless properly accessorized!

Tricks made me this!

Tricks has started making these beautiful brooches with beautiful pictures in them from Graphic 45-papers. I have a feeling she’s only just getting started! She made me this one: I had to try it too of course and made a couple of them myself with pictures from Neil Gaimans’ The Sandman, and also one with a picture of Modesy Blaise, which is for my mum. I’ll try to snap some pictures of them and post them soon!

Another year, another fall, another boost

“Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address. On the other hand, this not knowing has its charms.” (You Got mail) Well, I’m not in New York but this is always the quote that comes to mind when the leafs starts turning. A little time off became a lot of time off and then there was a glorious summer! However, I sense that we are building up towards a scrapping frenzy. A nice fall like this …

So much to tell, so much to do!

Wow, I have a folder full of photos, a head full of ideas and boxes full of things to show you! So much to tell, so much to do, so little time! Time really does fly by right now, and since it’s spring I am all giddy and enthusiastic and plan-full. A bit of an overload, really, I should organize.   So this post is mostly for myself, to try get some structure on my thoughts and plans.   Planned blog posts: Scrapbook day with the girls! We had such a great day with all my relatives and I have some nice …

Re: Gauntlet

Well Tricks, since you laid down the gauntlet this afternoon (obviously an incredible gauntlet, covered with pretty paper scraps and crystals and stickles and also in a nice brow from Adirondack maybe) my brain has had a work out. Behind everything I say, on the side all the time, I have this constant progress in my brain: what will I try, what will I do, how will I manage this challenge? It’s so ON, dear friend! Love!

Ideas are Invading, time to get tactical

Tricks and I were talking about techniques we’d like to try out. Again. It’s what we do every day, basically! We need to start taking notes, so many ideas and plans, it’s impossible to keep track. Well, we have this nifty blog just for us where we can stash the ideas, so that’s what I’ll do. Planned: Day to try out several new techniques, including nifty scrunchy flower from G45’s blog (see tutorial here) Hama Beads! It took 30 years but now they are in style again ;) It’s like being back at kindergarten! We have some street art motifs that …

Some G45 blog links

Well, I’ve been glued (Haha!) to the screen for hours now, I love G45’s blog! Here are some noticeable highlights: CHA display, awarded Best in Show, Summer 2008 Happy 1st birthday ans CHA photos, Winter 2009 Sharing your projects online Convert your pictures to sepia Take better photos How to make a gorgeous vintage flower  

New Brand in the mail

Visiting the CHA Convention would be like going to Disneyland. I would really love to go sometime, but living in tiny old Sweden, oceans away, and not being a millionaire, that dream will have to wait a couple of years. Thank gawd for the Internet, right? Blogs reporting directly from the fair, discussions going on online, web shops bringing in the new stuff for me to squander my money on. But like any trend it takes a while for some stuff to get here. Some products catch on here in no time, some takes a bit longer, depending. Say for …

Greetings, people of earth

I got interested – well, instantaneously obsessed – in scrapbooking because of these reasons: I wanted a method to save my favourite recipes in a personal and beautiful way The interest for cooking is something I share with my mother, and I wanted to include her in the project because it’s great to have a thing like this to do together I have always been besotted at the sight of pretty papers and shiny things so the infatuation was a fact, instantly. And then I realised, how much more it really was, how much more I could do. It was like …

Shrink it

It’s funny how trends catch on in the scrapbooking arena. They seem to pop up almost simultaneously around the world, they travel so fast, even compared to fashion trends. Once in a while an idea pops into your head, and then like on queue other people get the same idea, and suddenly scrappers everywhere are all using bubble wrap or owls or pirates in their projects. It’s fabulous and it’s a sure sign we should all just move in together and just inspire each other. Yarr! It would be hard to pick a country for us all to live in …